Thursday, January 23, 2014

Not sure what direction to take

I have been having alot of fun designing and tatting Split Ring Tatting designs.  Right now I have two books published that showcase my tatted designs.  At the time of this writing, I have probably enough designs created (some tatted, some still in my design notebook) to fill 4-5 more books.

The problem is, that I don't have enough time to devote to these tasks as I work outside the home, full time.  The major time users are the actual tatting of the designs and creating the illustrated patterns on the computer.

Right now, I have a book of Cross designs about 90% done. Direction #1.  But the problem with this book is that I routinely come up with 'one more' design that 'has' to go into this book....thus I'm not sure that the Cross Book will ever be done.  To further complicate things, several of the cross patterns utilize Padded Split Ring Tatting Technique.  I have not introduced that technique yet.  So I am thinking that maybe I should put out/publish my book of Padded Split Ring Tatting designs first.  Direction #2.

I've also been playing around with a couple of theme-based design concepts:  Greek Key pattern(s) and Quilt-Inspired SRT designs. Direction #3 & #4.

Another book that is in a fairly advanced stage is one that features:  3-dimensional SRT boxes and Interlocking Rings---both regular and SRT.  Direction #5.

SOOOO,  I was thinking about taking snapshots of what I am working on, even though they may not be perfectly blocked and photographed and let you all decided what you are interested in seeing more of.....and what Direction I should take in utilizing my time.


  1. oohhh Direction #5 sounds very interesting.

  2. I think theme books might sell better than pure technique books, though it's OK to introduce a technique. Based on my very limited experience of having one technique book, so don't put too much weight on that. I would recommend either the crosses or the quilt designs. You can always have more than one cross book, so decide on a number of pages and stop and all the "one-more" designs could go toward the second book. Or, split off the padded crosses for a separate book. I might like the quilts best though. I'd love to see the in-progress pictures.