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Historical Split Ring Tatting Pattern #1

Anne Orr, Cross-Stitch and Tatting, Book No. 14,  pattern #1

I have done some research into the history of the technique of Split Ring Tatting.  The results of my research are published on my webpage:  This webpage is a repository of the information I am sharing. 

Direct link to the pattern:

The Origins of Split Ring Tatting Technique
I believe that Anne Orr was the originator of the Split Ring.  It was in Tatting, Book No. 13, published in 1918, that the concept of Split Ring Tatting technique was introduced. It was titled “New Method in Tatting” and was illustrated nicely with 4 clear photographs of the steps/progression of how a split ring is created. New Method In Tatting was accompanied by “Directions for the Reverse Stitch”. The Reverse Stitch is what we know as untransferred double stitches on the second portion of the split ring. However, in Tatting, Book #13 there were no patterns or illustrations to show what the ‘new method’ or the ‘reverse stitch’ could do/create in tatting.

The Missing Split Ring Tatting Pattern Links !!!!!
In 1923 Anne Orr published two books that DID have the first Split Ring Tatting technique patterns.

These two books are quite obscure and are the missing link between Anne Orr’s creation of Split Ring Tatting technique (ca. 1918) and usage of the technique in a physical form (1923).
Miscellaneous Needlework, Book No. 24 (pub. by Anne Orr Publishing)   has five Split Ring Tatting Technique patterns as well as "New Method in Tatting/Directions for Reverse Stitch" on pages 6 & 7. The remainder of the book is devoted to needlework and crochet patterns.
Cross-Stitch and Tatting, Book No. 14  (pub. by J. & P. Coats Co.) has “New Method in Tatting” and “Directions for the Reverse Stitch”. Page 7 & 8 has 12 tatting patterns which are purely Split Ring Tatting technique patterns.
With that introduction in mind, I (The ShuttleSmith) have recreated Anne Orr's historical patterns and have produced modern patterns in Illustrated Pattern form.
The actual pattern will be in PDF form and found on my website.  Look under SPLIT RING TATTING HISTORY  and then  ANNE ORR PATTERNS.
I shall add new patterns as I get them ready for publication.  Watch for further details on this blog or my website.

These patterns are treasures & deserve recognition and use!!!


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