Friday, February 28, 2014

Posts absence

I've been busy (at work) and haven't had the time to get to posts here.  I try to put something up with a photo...therein lies the additional problem in why I haven't gotten a post out--I haven't had the time to get photos either onto or of of my camera/thumb drive/computer.  So I thought at the very least I'd tell you what I've been up to.  All my tatting falls into the Split Ring category lately (and for the last 3-4 years).  I am finishing up 'one more' SRT cross for my 'Cross Book'.  I have been working on the computer on a 'SRT Alphabet Book'.  I have two alphabets worked up (designed & illustrated patterns created and edited one time): a 5 wide by 7 high capital letter alphabet and a 9wide by 10 high blockier capital alphabet with serifs.  I have designed a couple of frames for using the letters.  Right now a first draft is on its way to my tatting friend and editor Jennifer Bartling who will proof the patterns and has volunteered to tat up some of the letters and frames for inclusion in the book.

I have been having fun tatting what I call 'Quilt-Inspired' designs.  I've been taking photos of them as I get them done--they are not blocked or cleaned up in photoshop.  I will be putting them up here on my blog to see it they interest anyone or not.  Even if no one else likes them, I've been having fun creating them.  My creativity is in three steps:  1. finding inspiration on the internet or in life for a design, 2. creating the patterns on graph paper, 3. Tatting them up in thread.  I love each and every step!

I've been putting together class proposal ideas for a one-day workshop.  I'm going to visit my daughter in Tacoma, WA the first weekend in April.  Unfortunately it doesn't coincide with the Lacemakers of Puget Sound meeting weekend.  But they may be interested in having me come in on Saturday to lead a workshop.  Wouldn't that be fun to meet and hang out with tatters in a new area!!!!

In the future I am going to create a blog site with my resume and class proposal ideas in case anyone is looking for a workshop teacher (ME!!!).  The 2015 IOLI Convention is in my neighborhood (sort of) and I am hoping to be able to propose class ideas to them.  I live in Omaha, Nebraska and the convention will be in Iowa City, Iowa---a mere 5 hours away.  It's actually a city that I used to motorcycle to once a year (pre-divorce).

Enough of the past.

This weekend, I (and hubby) am boarding an Amtrak train in Omaha and riding it to Grand Junction, CO where my youngest (son) lives.  I haven't seen him since August!!!!  We get on in Omaha at 11pm Saturday night and ride through the boring parts of NE and CO during the night.  We get to Denver in the morning and then go through the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains during the daytime.  I'm planning to sleep during the night and be wide awake for the mountain portion!  We get to Grand Junction, CO at 4pm and I get to see my baby (and buy him supper).  Monday and Tuesday we are skiing at Powderhorn Ski Resort (where Billy works).  Pray for me, because I haven't skiied in probably 10-15 years.  Hope I still remember how.  Wednesday we board the train to head home. 
I intend to take tatting along for the train.  We will probably be busy the rest of the time skiing, eating, and in my case spoiling my son while I can.  We are supposed to get back to Omaha at 6am on Thursday and if I get enough sleep on the train during the night, I will go to work that day.

Karen Bovard
The ShuttleSmith
Omaha, NE

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Denim Shirt Embellishment--Pattern Variation #1


This is the first variation of the edging pattern that I used to decorate one side of a button placket on a denim shirt.

It is tatted in two rounds.  The first round is a (very slight) variation of the original design published in The Tatter's Treasure Chest, edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep, Dover Publications, NY, 1990.  This was an out-of-copyright pattern republished by Dover Publications from a J. & P. Coats Tatting publication.  The pattern can be found on page 78-79 of The Tatter's Treasure Chest.  Round 2 is created from a component of the upper edge of Round 1.

The following pattern is going to be in the form of an EDGING PATTERN.

Round 1 Pattern 
This round can be tatted in one of two ways:
A.  Using 2 shuttles.
B.  Using one shuttle/ball of thread and the Shoelace Trick (switching the positions of the two thread sources).

R1: 11 - 6.
R2: 6 - 5 - 5.
Ch1:  8.
R3: 6 + 5 - 6 (to last p of prev R, R1).
R4: 6 - 5 - 6.
Ch2: 8.
Trefoil: R5: 6 + 5 - 6 (to p of prev R, R3).
R6: 6 + 10 - 6 (to p of prev R, R4).
R7: 6 + 5 - 6 (to p of prev R, R5).
Ch3: 8.
R8: 6 + 5 - 6 (to p of prev R, R7).
RW/Shoelace Trick.
R9: 6 + 5 - 6 (to p of R3).
Ch4: 8.
R10: 6 + 5 - 6 (to p of prev R, R8).
Repeat from * to ** until desired length.
Rx: 6 - 11.
Cut & Tie.

Round 2 Pattern
1 Shuttle/Ball of Thread--simple ring/chain tatting

R: 11 + 6 (to p of Rnd 1-R1).
R:  6 + 11 (to p of Rnd 1-R2).
Ch: 8
R: 6 + 5 - 6 (to p of prev R of Rnd 2).
Ch: 12
R: 6 + 5 - 6 (to p of prev R of Rnd 2).
Ch: 8
R: 6 + 5 + 6 (to p of prev R of Rnd 2, to next p of Rnd1).
R: 6 + 5 - 6 (to next p of Rnd1).
Repeat from * to ** until desired length.
Final R: 6 + 11 (to next p of Rnd1).

I used 6 repeats of the pattern for my shirt cuffs.

I hope this written pattern is correct!  I haven't written pattern directions this way for a long time....I'm an illustrated pattern kinda pattern writer/designer.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Denim Shirt Overview

THANK YOU to the knowledgeable tatters who recognized this pattern and told me not only in what book to find it but even what page!  It was published in The Tatter's Treasure Chest, edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep, Dover Publications, NY, 1990. This was an out-of-copyright pattern republished by Dover Publications from a J. & P. Coats Tatting publication. The pattern can be found on page 78-79 of The Tatter's Treasure Chest.
This is my shirt and how I added the tatting to it.  Unfortunately I bought/used a cheap denim shirt that is now waaaayyyy too big for me.  I tried wearing it about a month ago to go to a public tatting demo but it was just not right!   I plan to introduce close-up photos & patterns of my variations of the original pattern and how/where I used the pattern.

I will be contemplating removing the tatted lace from this shirt and resewing it to a new shirt!!!!
This is a big undertaking....I estimate that it will take many hours to do!