Thursday, September 10, 2015

What I did last weekend (tatting included!)

My vacation time (from Omaha, Nebraska where I live/work) has been spent this summer in Grand Junction, Colorado. This is where I was last weekend.
My time was spent working on the house there (a little bit) and seeing the sights of the beautiful area. One day we drove through the Colorado Monument National Park, getting out and hiking into different biomes along the route. It is truly beautiful/majestic.
Hiking in the Colorado National Monument--what a view!
The other thing that we did was go motorcycling (dirt-riding to be more precise) in the desert and region around Grand Junction. We spent two days doing this and it was a great way to see and experience the desert. There are miles and miles of trails on BLM land that are there to be explored.
Me and my motorcycle in the desert and the Bookcliffs of western Colorado
But I am happy to report that I did get some tatting done! I completed 3 snowflakes during the trip. I am now in 'Snowflake-mode', having fun designing different snowflakes on graph paper and then tatting them into thread. Look for a future book!
3 Tatted Snowflakes I got done on this trip (split ring tatting--of course!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Me and my Tatting on Exhibit

Me at my Teacher’s Showcase Table at the IOLI Convention

3-D Split Ring Boxes–future book
Karen’s Keltic Tatting
Some of my ‘Quilt-Inspired’ pieces in SRT
Greek Key designs in SRT—future book!