Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A New Tangent for information from The ShuttleSmith

Well, after a long-weekend gone, I am catching up with emails.   On the Arachne Lace List, there has been a continuing thread about author's getting their out-of-print books reprinted and back into circulation.  This was mainly due to observations of their OOP books going for large sums of money on the 'used' book circuit.  There was mention of using Print-On-Demand (POD) companies and processes to accomplish the printing part but the fact also was that the authors were having difficulty with the POD process.

Well----I have some experience with that!   It is what I have been doing & researching for the last 4-5 years in the process of getting my book Fun with Split Ring Tatting printed and published.    As soon as I had a copy of my book in my hand, I sighed and decided that I had to share what I have learned in the process so that other author-wannabees can possibly turn their dream of becoming a published author into reality.

So I started writing my research findings into a document titled:  COST-EFFECTIVE DESKTOP SELF-PUBLISHING FOR A NICHE-MARKET BOOK.

I think that the best way for me to share this information is on my website.

Right now I have about 5 or 6 chapters (separate webpages) published on my website.

Go to:   www.TheShuttleSmith.com


The chapters I have posted are numbered.

More will be coming in the future.