Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Website (Google Sites) Woes--& what I have learned

First of all, I'm very surprised and pleased by the interest in my Glass Enameled/Copper Tatting Shuttles!!!  8 of them have been adopted and are now on their way to their new tatting homes.

I do have several more Glass Enamel/Copper Tatting Shuttles done, photographed and ready for purchase but have been having problems with inserting the photos into my website.  Whenever I try I get a message that says "....server error, please try again later".  I own my domain name ( but use Google Sites as my hosting site.  So after repeatedly trying over several days and then asking my computer-genius husband to turn his thought-waves in the direction of my problem, we came to the understanding that I had used up all space for this particular website on Google Sites.  So I deleted a bunch of stuff thinking that if I purge some photos and pages I can add the ones I want--Right?  WRONG!  I learned that you can delete everything but it still remains (somewhere in computer twilight zone!) and counts as still there.  ARRRGGGHHH!  My current website is full...soooooo the only thing that I can do is 'MOVE ON'.  Right now I'm in the process of creating another Google Sites page with my information.  When I get it mostly done, I will redirect my domain name to this new site.  In the meantime, I am trying to learn, understand, and write a new website in WordPress.  All the website work is very time-consuming to me....time that I would rather be spending either tatting, designing, creating patterns, or making more glass enameled copper tatting shuttles.  My hope is to bring back my website and my blogging activity to one location---that being my domain name website.  (Don't abandon this blog yet!  I haven't).  I may double post on two blog sites for awhile...I haven't come to that bridge yet.

To further communicate what I learned about Google Sites:  My main problem was that I uploaded alot of photos to my website.  If I had linked to the image in a storage file, I would not have used up my space like I did.  If I do go to a WordPress platform for my website, I have been assured that I can have all the space I husband owns the cyber space. 

Right now I need a 'new best friend' who is savvy with WordPress.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Problems with my website

I have been trying to post pictures of my new Glass Enameled Tatting Shuttles on my website to no avail!!!  I got a few pictures up with no problem and then I started getting "Upload Server Error. Try back later" messages.  I tried (without results) all weekend.  Today at work, I can upload images  BUT I don't have the shuttle photo files with me---ARGGHHH! 

I have about 10 more enameled shuttles created and ready for adoption.

When I get this issue resolved I will post here.

On the flip side 8 of my shuttles found new homes this weekend!!!  I was so excited that tatters actually want them! 

Karen / TheShuttleSmith

Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Copper Enameled Tatting Shuttles are For Sale

I have a few shuttles on my website FOR SALE.

I have been working all morning and afternoon trying to figure out how to make PayPal buttons and put everything on my website. 

I will continue adding in shuttles to the website as I have time and the internet connections allow--it has been flaky at times!

Go to:

At the top of the list on the left are my items for sale.

Copper Enamel Tatting Shuttles made thus far

The ShuttleSmith Enameled Copper Tatting Shuttles as of June 20, 2014

DH was gone last night and I was all alone for the evening so I high-tailed it to my studio and made more copper enameled tatting shuttles.   I had received my order of sampler-sized packets of 166 different colors of enamel on Wednesday.  Now I am overwhelmed by the color choices that I have!  I try not to overthink (though I am rarely faulted for 'overthinking' anything) my color selections when I am working on the process....thus the final result is usually a surprise--even to me.

I decided to keep track of what colors I use on the shuttles and make a library of each shuttle I create including a photo and the enamel color names and numbers.  That is why each shuttle is sitting on a paper with handwritten notes.   This way if I ever want to recreate a particular color combination, I'll have the formula noted.  Each shuttle is kinda like my child....I'm not sure I am going to be willing to part with it/sell it.  So I can comfort myself with the fact that at least I'll have a picture of  'my baby' (aka shuttle) if  I have to 'give it up' (ie sell) for 'adoption' to someone else.

I am still figuring out how to sell them.  I think that I shall place a few at a time on my webpage with the option to purchase via PayPal.  But I have some work yet to do regarding that end.  When they are up for sale, I will report that happening here first.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My enamel powders have arrived

Last night I raced home to see if my shipment of a sampler package of 169 colors of powder enamel had arrived.   IT DID!!!!!   So I spent the night sorting through the packages of color, writing the names on the packages and organizing them by colors.  There are two groups: opaque and transparent enamels.  Then I stayed up late prepping the metal into shuttle shapes so that when I get home tonight I can start actually adding the enamel colors to my copper shuttles.  With so many colors to choose from, it may be quite the delemma.

My ties to Pilger, the town in Nebraska destroyed by a tornado

My old church in Pilger, NE after June 16th tornado--all that's left
I understand that the tornado that ripped through the tiny town/village of Pilger, Nebraska  (in northeast Nebraska) on Monday, June 16th, made national (& probably international) news. 

It was one of my home towns.  I grew up on a farm equal distance (about 7 miles each) from both Pilger & Wisner.  I have stronger ties to Pilger because it was where I went to church.  The church (St. John's Lutheran Church) that was completely destroyed by the tornado was my church--where I was baptized, confirmed & married, family funerals.  All my family now lives in Norfolk, NE--20 miles away.  Many of my old farm area neighbors however did suffer damage.  One our family friends lost all their farm buildings but the house was still standing.  However the damage to the house was so extensive that it was considered a total loss and the family is moving out.  I really don't have any news to add to what you can read on the internet, papers, of on TV.  The damage is bad! 

Two years ago Pilger celebrated its 125th Anniversary as a village.  It motto was: "The little town too tought to die".  There really wasn't much commerce in Pilger--a convenience/gas store, post office, bank, senior center, bar/cafe, library, and volunteer fire department and farmer's cooperative.  We'll have to see how many businesses rebuild.  I heard on the TV news that the farmer's coop vowed to rebuild. 

Businesses that did survive:  the library, water tower, city park and swimming pool. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Copper Enamel Tatting Shuttles Debut

The ShuttleSmith's Copper Enameled Tatting Shuttles
Announcing the first photo of The ShuttleSmith's Copper Enameled Tatting Shuttles.

I received my new torch in the mail Thursday and then promptly locked myself into my studio for the last three days using it, working to produce the first  The ShuttleSmith Copper Enameled Tatting Shuttles.  Friday night I produced the two on the right.  Then on Saturday I made the other five.  Last night I made two more....not photographed. 

I love the process and the colors but am limited to the sampler colors that I bought.   So once I pulled all the processes together and proved to myself that I actually COULD make this work, I ordered a color sampler of all 169 colors of enamel that the company makes!  Now I am again checking the mail everyday, waiting for that to come in.   I will probably be so overwhelmed with the colors that I will be stymied. 

I will be taking the day off from shuttle making today to travel 100 miles to visit my parents in honor of Father's Day.   Then tomorrow I have to go back to my real job (the one that pays for the enameling supplies!) so I won't be able to get back to my studio---Sad face.  Copper Enameling is proving to be quite an addiction for me. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dresser Lace 2

As I have mentioned before, I have other lace passions other than tatting.  They are the needlelaces of:  Carricmacross, Teneriffe/Nanduti, and Romanian Point Lace.  That is what is represented in the laces on my dresser and night stand.
The laces seen here starting from lower left to right are:  Tatting, Romanian Point Lace, Tatting, and then Nanduti. 
The tatted pieces were tatted by me.
This Romanian Point Lace piece was the first piece that I had ever collected/found.  I found it in an antique store in Riverside, CA while there to teach at a national needlework show.  It was filthy, a light brown color and covered in dust bunnies. I actually found it on the floor next to the dock door.  It was marked $10 (a price I was thrilled with!) but I took it to the clerk and told her where/how I had found it and that it was filthy.  She looked at it and quoted me a price of $2!!!!  I tried not to show too much eagerness in pulling out my money too fast!!!  I brought it home and soaked it overnight in Orvus detergent and the next day it was white and beautiful---quite the transformation.  This piece is not the most unique of this lace type , but it does hold a special place in my collection due to being my first and in how I obtained it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What I have been working on

Just an update to fill you all in on what I've been working on

I have been working on getting tatting Book Number 3 ready to publish.  Of course it is SPLIT RING TATTING.  The title/topic is:  Block Alphabets in Split Ring Tatting.  It will feature 2 different alphabets with matching numbers as well as 'frames'  and ideas as to how to use the letters you create for decoration.  Right now I am sewing on letters and a frame I tatted to fabric base.  I will eventually frame it so that it mimics those filet crochet nameplates.  Hopefully soon I will have a photo of it to show/share.

The other things that I am working on/towards is to create some new and unique tatting shuttles.
This includes:
  • The ShuttleSmith Tatting Shuttle Endeavor Number 1 is Leather Tatting Shuttles
I've already debutted one form of my leather shuttles--those that are double layered.  This features bonding a colorful, decorative leather to a base layer of leather that is sturdy.  I have  several colors already made, plus I purchased a whole bunch more leather scrap pieces in some great colors to make more. 
Leather Tatting Shuttles as of 6/10/14

  • The ShuttleSmith Tatting Shuttle Endeavor Number 2 is Stone Tatting Shuttles
I have been apprenticing with a master lapidarist who has been teaching me about rocks and mineral specimens---it has been a fascinating journey thus far.  I had actually taken two separate lapidary classes in the past and know a little bit about the process and had actually even made a prototype stone tatting shuttle (though I can't find it today).  Bruce has been collecting mineral specimens and cutting/polishing rocks into jewelry pieces since he was a kid (check out his website:  The problem with learning from Bruce is that he has the best tools I was apprehensive about his kind offer to learn on his tools, knowing that I would be not able to afford such wonderful machines.  Recently he 'hooked me up' with a local guy who was selling off some lapidary machine.  I went down and bought it but haven't had time to play with it.  It needs to be hooked up to a water source which is a bit difficult.  Plus, Bruce & I are busy with other aspects of our lives (eg. lawns, landscaping, home repairs, motorcycling--me) this time of year and haven't had alot of time to explore this hobby.
  • The ShuttleSmith Tatting Shuttle Endeavor number 3 is Copper Enameled Shuttles
This is what I am actively working on.  I took an introductory class and discovered how much fun it was.  We made jewelry but my thought was 'How can I make tatting shuttles!'.  I have had success with creating jewelry peices but as yet haven't finished a tatting shuttle YET.  By the end of the week, I should have a prototype.  I am actively checking my mail for a new torch that will be hot enough to heat the larger piece of copper that forms the shuttle.  BTW, 'enameling' is the process of fusing glass onto a base, in this case copper.  I have alot of color options to play with.  Hopefully I will soon have something to show you......

Website is fixed

Hello all,

Just an update that I FINALLY got around to asking my husband (a computer genius!--hopefully he will read this and continue to help me with my computer woes!) to look at my website issues.  You all were saying that you got a blank page.  So I tried out 3 different web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Google Chrome) to see what I got when I put in my website address.  On the latter two I got a blank screen.  On Internet Explorer, I had the option to go to another screen page that did let me in, and was how I was able to get content onto my webpage recently.  The husband-genius figured out that Google had changed how it handles things and thus he was able to figure out a fix. 

Sooooo....this all means that you can go to my website   and check out:
  • The latest Free Split Ring Tatting Pattern
  • 'Lace Handkerchief Origami'---a tutorial on how to fold a lace hanky so that all the lace will show.
Karen Bovard
The ShuttleSmith
Omaha, Nebraska

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lace Handkerchief Origami

Lace Handkerchief Origami

I've been doing this for quite some time...but just recently decided to write up the directions as to how to do it. 

The directions are in a PDF file on my website:

Go to:  "Lace Handkerchief Origami" tab

Click on the pdf file at the bottom of the page.

There is even a pattern that you can print out to learn the technique on paper before attempting it with your precious lace hanky.