Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dresser Lace 2

As I have mentioned before, I have other lace passions other than tatting.  They are the needlelaces of:  Carricmacross, Teneriffe/Nanduti, and Romanian Point Lace.  That is what is represented in the laces on my dresser and night stand.
The laces seen here starting from lower left to right are:  Tatting, Romanian Point Lace, Tatting, and then Nanduti. 
The tatted pieces were tatted by me.
This Romanian Point Lace piece was the first piece that I had ever collected/found.  I found it in an antique store in Riverside, CA while there to teach at a national needlework show.  It was filthy, a light brown color and covered in dust bunnies. I actually found it on the floor next to the dock door.  It was marked $10 (a price I was thrilled with!) but I took it to the clerk and told her where/how I had found it and that it was filthy.  She looked at it and quoted me a price of $2!!!!  I tried not to show too much eagerness in pulling out my money too fast!!!  I brought it home and soaked it overnight in Orvus detergent and the next day it was white and beautiful---quite the transformation.  This piece is not the most unique of this lace type , but it does hold a special place in my collection due to being my first and in how I obtained it.

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