Sunday, June 15, 2014

Copper Enamel Tatting Shuttles Debut

The ShuttleSmith's Copper Enameled Tatting Shuttles
Announcing the first photo of The ShuttleSmith's Copper Enameled Tatting Shuttles.

I received my new torch in the mail Thursday and then promptly locked myself into my studio for the last three days using it, working to produce the first  The ShuttleSmith Copper Enameled Tatting Shuttles.  Friday night I produced the two on the right.  Then on Saturday I made the other five.  Last night I made two more....not photographed. 

I love the process and the colors but am limited to the sampler colors that I bought.   So once I pulled all the processes together and proved to myself that I actually COULD make this work, I ordered a color sampler of all 169 colors of enamel that the company makes!  Now I am again checking the mail everyday, waiting for that to come in.   I will probably be so overwhelmed with the colors that I will be stymied. 

I will be taking the day off from shuttle making today to travel 100 miles to visit my parents in honor of Father's Day.   Then tomorrow I have to go back to my real job (the one that pays for the enameling supplies!) so I won't be able to get back to my studio---Sad face.  Copper Enameling is proving to be quite an addiction for me. 


  1. WOW, these look fabulous. What a great idea and technique. As to the colours - yes it will be overwhelming, but what a great thing to be overwhelmed by! Do enjoy, I can't wait to see what you make next :)

    1. Thanks! There were alot of steps and hurdles to overcome to be able to create these....but now that I'm there (ie. can actually produce what I want) I am thrilled with the process of creating them.

  2. Still waiting for my new shipment of enameling powder colors to come in!!!! I'm rushing home from work everyday now hoping to find the package waiting on my porch for me.

  3. In my next blog post, I will explain 'what' copper enameling really is and why they are so unique. I have been collecting/looking for tatting shuttles for several decades now and have seen some great collections but have never seen anything like what I'm making.

  4. Very colorful and endless possibilities for designs Even these colors are quite varied I do prefer bobbin shuttles with hooks but these would be handy for specific situations. Hope you weren't affected by the storms.

  5. Actually, Pilger was my hometown! The church that was destroyed was my old church, where I was baptized, confirmed and married. My family was safe, living in Norfolk, NE 20 miles away. Many of my old neighbors did suffere damage though everyone is safe. I may go up there to see if I can help this weekend. My brother called yesterday to say don't bother coming because they had a huge outpouring of cleanup help. I heard 1800 people showed up to clean up a town of less than 400 people.