Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Website (Google Sites) Woes--& what I have learned

First of all, I'm very surprised and pleased by the interest in my Glass Enameled/Copper Tatting Shuttles!!!  8 of them have been adopted and are now on their way to their new tatting homes.

I do have several more Glass Enamel/Copper Tatting Shuttles done, photographed and ready for purchase but have been having problems with inserting the photos into my website.  Whenever I try I get a message that says "....server error, please try again later".  I own my domain name ( but use Google Sites as my hosting site.  So after repeatedly trying over several days and then asking my computer-genius husband to turn his thought-waves in the direction of my problem, we came to the understanding that I had used up all space for this particular website on Google Sites.  So I deleted a bunch of stuff thinking that if I purge some photos and pages I can add the ones I want--Right?  WRONG!  I learned that you can delete everything but it still remains (somewhere in computer twilight zone!) and counts as still there.  ARRRGGGHHH!  My current website is full...soooooo the only thing that I can do is 'MOVE ON'.  Right now I'm in the process of creating another Google Sites page with my information.  When I get it mostly done, I will redirect my domain name to this new site.  In the meantime, I am trying to learn, understand, and write a new website in WordPress.  All the website work is very time-consuming to me....time that I would rather be spending either tatting, designing, creating patterns, or making more glass enameled copper tatting shuttles.  My hope is to bring back my website and my blogging activity to one location---that being my domain name website.  (Don't abandon this blog yet!  I haven't).  I may double post on two blog sites for awhile...I haven't come to that bridge yet.

To further communicate what I learned about Google Sites:  My main problem was that I uploaded alot of photos to my website.  If I had linked to the image in a storage file, I would not have used up my space like I did.  If I do go to a WordPress platform for my website, I have been assured that I can have all the space I husband owns the cyber space. 

Right now I need a 'new best friend' who is savvy with WordPress.


  1. Sorry to hear of all the website/blog problems. I'm glad your husband can help with all his knowledge. Good luck on getting the WordPress site going. I'll keep watching here while you get it sorted out.

  2. I think you might need the help of a website designer to reconstruct or make a new website for you. It might be more convenient and less of a hassle in the end. All you have to do is to collaborate your ideas with them, and they will do the designs based on that. Anyway, I hope you could find solution soon. Have a nice day!

    Tommy Linsley @ User Worthy Media