Thursday, January 30, 2014

My new lamp--Tatting related

This is my new lamp.  And as you can see it IS tatting related in that it is filled with size 80 tatting cotton.  The color range is quite fantastic...not a white ball in the bunch!
My new husband and I were shopping for a new little table & lamp to put in the front window of our living room when he found this lamp.  Jerry was the one who recognized that it could be filled and pointed it out to me.  He knows that I am partial to my glass bowls filled with tatting thread and knew that I would be interested in this lamp.....he is such a KEEPER!

To further point out the tatting relevance, I would like to draw your attention to the dirty windows.  Instead of cleaning them, I tatted!  There are also leaves still in my yard.  My idea is 'why rake leaves' when the wind will possibly carry them away and you could be tatting!

OK.....maybe I'm just lazy.


  1. Love Love Love the lamp. I like to put size 80 thread in special glass jars too. Your husband is definitely a keeper if he pointed out the lamp to put thread in.

  2. Love the lamp. Re: the windows - YEA! I am not alone. My DH lives by your leaf theory. : )

  3. Decaying leaves provide insulation for your yard plants over the winter and nutrients in the spring! Let them lay.

  4. Thank you all for your confirmation of my housekeeping/yardwork theories!!!