Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today is my new book's Birthday!!!---Oh Happy Day (for me!)

My new book "MORE Fun with Split Ring Tatting" is officially 'published' as of today---that is why it seems to me that this is its' BIRTHDAY.

For those of you who have never published a book, getting the first copy of your book into your own hands is alot like holding your newly-delivered baby for first time.  This day came for me yesterday when I went to the mail box to find my proof-copy waiting for me after work.    After looking it over, I verified that it was ready and thus it is now 'in-print'.  

The price will be the same as my last book:  $25.   If you order direct from me/my website, I will pay for postage.  It is almost as big as my last book (63 pages) and is full-color throughout.  It features over 40 patterns (can't remember the exact number right now). 

For quite a while I struggled over what to write for my back cover and my introduction page.  I begged my friend, Jennifer Bartling to help me with ideas and she came up with "This ain't your Grandmother's tatting!".   It was just the prompt I needed to get the writing job done. 

Then came the digital conversion problems, the same ones as I had last time I published my book.  Even though I had carefully written down all the notes as to how I overcame the delemma last time, this time was different because I had gotten a new computer between the two books.  Many of the settings were different---thus back to the drawing-board as to my problems.  But there is a happy ending to this story as attested to by the fact that I did get the book printed/published and I am very happy to say that my new marriage lasted through these digital woes.

Now for the bottom line....I am not completely sure when the books will be available for purchase.  I shall have to figure out how to get the new book on my website, plus I shall have to order and receive copies myself of the physical books.

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