Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Textile Finds in Budapest, Hungary

This is the piece of Kalocsa Embroidery/Lace that I purchased in Budapest, Hungary.
Kalocsa is a town 88 miles south of Budapest.
The colored embroidery is hand-done.
Then the 'embroidery' is turned into 'lace' with a sewing machine--usually old sewing machines with the feed-dogs dropped out, creating the design with machine stitching.
This is another hand-embroidery piece that I purchased.  It is Translyvannian in design and worksmanship.
It is a pillow cover and is now in my living room. 
Alot of the textiles and lace that I found in Budapest had connections to Translyvania (Romania).

The following pictures are of textiles that I photographed in a shop in Budapest. 

If you look closely and can see the detail of the first and last photo, you will note that the textiles are created in a style of embroidery most people know as Hardanger (Scandinavian). 
I talked to one shop owner about the origins of the different lace types and she said that the Hardanger-like embroideries that you see in the top & bottom pictures are truly Hungarian.  In fact she pulled out her own work to show me. 
The middle photo shows Kalocsa embroidery/lace pieces.
Unfortunately I didn't have enough money or suitcase space to bring everything home with me!!! 


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