Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3-D esque design

This is something that I have been playing around with lately....designs that have a 3-dimensional appearance to them.   The following is a small example of this design concept.
What I find interesting is that if you turn the design a certain way you get a whole different image perception.  
The first image looks to me like a big box corner with a smaller box inside it.
The second image looks like a big box with a small box piece missing.

If you can't see the differences, then maybe the images are too big---step away from the screen, or squint at the images. 
I understand that some people cannot see three-dimensionally very well.  My new husband and I just went to the 3-D movie, 'Gravity' last night.  Jerry claims that it's a waste of money for him, that he can't see the dimensionality of it anyway.


  1. Very cool look. I can stare at one and my perception switches back and forth between the little box and the piece missing. Is this for the new book?

  2. That is very cool. Oooo, my eyes are crossing. I watched "Brave" in 3D. It made me dizzy.

  3. I can see it! - incredible, that you can do that with colour. Your husband probably doesn't have binocular vision; if he uses just one eye at a time, then he won't be able to see 3-D . I avoid them myself, I always take my grandchildren to the ordinary version! - because I have severe astigmatism and migraines, and it simply is not a safe thing for me to do.