Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lace Finds in Dresden, Germany--Plauen Lace

On my list of things to see in Dresden (lace of course!) was Plauen Lace.

Plauen is a suburb of Dresden and so I was hopeful that I would be able to find and buy Plauen Lace there.   AND I DID!

Plauen Lace is actually a machine-made lace--created as an embroidery on a water-soluble backing.  However I have been studying for several years for it's traditional design elements. 

While in Dresden, I happened to stumble upon a shop devoted to it completely.   The shop owner informed us that it had only been open a few months!  How lucky for me/us! 
This is me outside the shop

As you can see in the above photo inside the store, they now have both traditional and modern design forms of the lace.
These are are pieces I purchased:
The upper piece is an example of the 'Modern' and bottom piece is the 'Traditional' design.
When the shopowner realized that I could not buy one of everything, she allowed me to take photographs of the pieces and the shop!

Other Pieces I bought

This is a Plauen Lace piece of the Frauenkirch (Church of Our Lady) that was destroyed in WW2 The ruins were left untouched until 1994, when the painstaking reconstruction of the church began. Almost completely financed by private donations from around the world, the people of Dresden could celebrate the resurrection of their Frauenkirche in 2005.



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