Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 IOLI Convention Class–Pearl Tatting–part 1

Pearl 1Pearl 2

As I have stated before, I will be teaching at the 2015 IOLI Convention (Int. Organization of Lacers, Inc) in Iowa City, Iowa.

Go to this address for more information:

I have been posting alot about my designs for my Quilt-Inspired Fun with Split Ring Tatting Classbut am realizing that I haven’t shown much about my other tatting class titled Basics of Pearl Tatting.

Pearl Tatting Technique utilizes 3 or more thread sources to create beautiful rings & chains.

In the first half of class time we will learn the basics of Pearl Tatting Technique and how to
manipulate it to create diverse and unique decorative forms–both rings and chains.

We will also learn how to create other unique tatting combinations of the basic double stitch such as: Twisted Stitch, Ric-Rac/Zig-Zag/Sets of Stitches/Lattice Tatting/Node Stitch, and ‘Inside-Stitch’ Chains.

We will then take these fairly well-known techniques ‘up a notch’ by combining them with Pearl Tatting Technique to create “Hybrid” techniques originated by Karen—are you interested yet!!!????? These techniques have not been published so far!!!!

The left photo shows a collage of simple Pearl Tatted Chain projects that we will do to practice and learn the techniques while at the same time creating usefull tools for our tatting life.

The right photos show a collage of Pearl Tatted Rings. 
I will introduce the synopsis of the second half of the class in another post….watch for it!

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