Monday, March 2, 2015

2015 IOLI Convention Class–Pearl Tatting–part 2

Pearl 3

Please consider joining me at the IOLI Convention in Iowa City, Iowa this coming summer.

This is the second post about the class I will be teaching entitled PEARL TATTING.

In addition to learning about the basic of pearl tatting (both rings & chain) and other decorative stitch combination you will learn a totally new form of tatting technique originated by by me that I call “Layered Pearl Tatting”.

The second half of class time we will focus on the “Grand Project” in which we will bring many of the Pearl Tatting Techniques together to create a multiple thread-source pouch. Students will have the choice as to how much of a challenge in tatting they want to tackle.

I understand that there has been alot of interest in this multi-shuttle/thread source pouch. This is your chance to learn it using a 'whole bunch of' tatting techiniques.

I love advanced tatting techniques, and this class is truly innovative!

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