Friday, February 6, 2015

Textiles/Tatting at the Denver Art Museum


One gallery had a quilt exhibit. Since I have been studying historical quilt blocks and recreating them into my Quilt-Inspired Split Ring Tatting series, I was interested in this. As is usually my experience when viewing quilts (in a museum or at a run-of-the-mill local quilt show) I soon get overwhelmed by the incredible details in them.
DAM quilt on display featuring a picture created from small squares of fabric. Substitute rings for the squares and it could be a future SRTatting Design!
A second gallery had THE MOST WONDERFUL introduction to Textiles as ART. I WENT CRAZY WITH the joy of seeing such a comprehensive approach to the introductuction of using fibers to create art.
The exhibit was split into 3 different categories:
  1. Intro to what are fibers, spinning, weaving, dying process to create fabric
  2. Needlework Art
  3. Lace Art
Lace ART Exhibits

Tatting Display
L: Tatting shuttles, R: 2 GR-8 shuttles & what looks like one of Gary/Randy Houtz’s pattern, almost completed.
Traditional and Modern tatting examples. The modern is ‘Hyperbolic Tatting’–a mathmatical approach to tatting design–genius!
Tatting Exhibit with a quote from HM The Queen of Romania–a famous tatter
Sol Lace Exhibit Part 1
Sol Lace Exhibit Part 2
I will be teaching a 6-hour class on Sol/Teneriffe Lace at the 2015 IOLI Convention this coming August…..Come have fun with me exploring a simple yet fun technique of lacemaking.

Bobbin Lace Exhibit Part 1

Needle Lace Exhibit
Battenberg/Tape Lace Exhibit
Needle Lace Exhibit part 2
Filet Lace Exhibit


  1. What a wonderful exhibit! Usually when we go through Denver we're not doing anything but 'going through' but I will have to try to take time to go the the museum and check this out. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. I was just like you...traveling through, never really seeing Denver as a city. This was a wonderful opportunity to play tourist. The Denver Art Museum was extra fun because my daughter majored in art in college and has a different perspective on it. However, she would have nothing to do with 'fiber arts'--that is my thing and we are like 'oil & water'. Her medium was/is oil painting.