Sunday, December 8, 2013

What I did this weekend

This weekend, on Saturday, I spent the whole day demonstrating tatting in Wahoo, Nebraska at the "Christmas on the Prairie" event. 

I tatted for 6 hours with 5 fellow tatters/lacemakers---It was heaven!

After a delicious Mexican supper with two friends I drove home to Omaha the 35 miles in the second snowfall of the year.  It was quite beautiful.  The temperature was so cold that there was no horrible ice storm so the driving was quite fine (except for the idiot in front of me who insisted on going 35mph the whole way).

On the left (separated by the red edging) is my 'Traditional' tatting, mostly holiday pieces (not in the picture).  On the right of the table is my 'Modern' tatting---specifically my Split Ring Tatting pieces (packed into 3 cigar boxes) & my two books:  Fun with Split Ring Tatting & MORE Fun with Split Ring Tatting.

I am working on a Padded/Split Ring Greek-Key design cross---destined to be in my third book, CROSSES IN SPLIT RING TATTING.

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