Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Blog Post

Hello Split Ring Tatting Fans and hopefully those tatters we Split Ring Tatting Fans can encourage to try/like the technique,

Although I've started blogging on my website, I realized that there is a difference between 'blogging' on a website versus a true blog site.   The major difference is that there is no communication/comments enabled on the website.  Several people emailed me to say they couldn't leave a comment.  When I checked, even I the site owner could not leave a comment!  I did check into how comments could be left and communication installed, but that would take a whole lot more computer skills than I have!  And even though I am engaged to a major computer whiz, I have learned that I have to use discretion as to which computer issues I ask for his help with.  Or, I would seriously bog him down with my trivia.  I swear I could keep him busy with my computer 'issues' as least on a half-time basis.  But, I pick and choose my 'projects' for him quite carefully.  Oh, dear, how did I get off on that tangent....yes, it was about my website shortfalls.

So after some thought, I decided to move my blog posts to a true blog site...where we can talk back and forth.

What I intend to do with my website:   is to continue to use it for the more serious technique stuff.  I haven't quite gotten it all figured out yet, but I will migrate some stuff over to this blog site and then hopefully 'clean-up' my website so that it looks a bit more easy to navigate around and find information on.


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