Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Blog Post Continued

So let me introduce myself & my interest in Split Ring Tatting to you

I have a biography about myself and my interest/history with tatting at:

In 2012, I published the first tatting book devoted entirely to Split Ring Tatting:

Fun with Split Ring Tatting

For more information about my book go to:

I devoted ___  pages to introducing the basics of Split Ring Tatting (SRT) including how SRT is different from regular tatting, various ways to physically work SRT, how to create Take/Thrown Off Rings (TOR's).  The patterns are completely illustrated to show in as simplistic a way how to work the pattern--not only the path of work, but also which shuttle/thread source is used and in what order to tat the pattern with the least deviation from traditional tatting technique.

The patterns in my book are truly unique!   There is not a tatted chain in the book. 

As of this writing, I am working on a second and third book of Split Ring Tatting Technique patterns.  I just can't stop designing!!!!   When I cannot have a tatting shuttle and thread in my hands (darn work!!!), I play around with graph paper, designing on paper.  All my designs are very mathematical, and I can work up the double stitch counts and joins on paper and then all I have to do is tat up the design into thread.   My approach to designing is easy to execute into the finished product.

Book Number Two will be titled    More Fun with Split Ring Tatting

Book Number Three with be    Split Ring Tatted Crosses

I have no idea when either of these two books will be available.....I estimate that I have Book 2 about 90% done,  Book 3 is 75% done.  At this point, your quess might be as good as mine!

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