Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shuttle Collection Boxes

I was having coffee with the neighborhood women this morning and decided afterward to pop into some of the stores of the shopping mall. 
I wandered into Pottery Barn mostly to look at colors (for my enameling work–can’t really justify their prices + I really don’t need anything!) and found these wonderful glass and metal boxes.  They were being marketed as ‘jewelry’ boxes….but I saw their beauty as beingtatting shuttle collection’ boxes.

20160312_104315 20160312_104306 20160312_104300 20160312_104329
I actually already have a glass/metal Tatting Shuttle Collection Box.  I had seen this years ago and told my husband, who bought it and let the kids give it to me for Mother’s Day.



  1. Those are pretty. Years ago (like 1930s?), glass pieces had ribbon sewn around them. The ribbon was folded at the corners & tacked into shape; the ends tacked to each other. Then the ribbon corners were connected to make boxes with lids. Those remind me of the one I found in my grandmother's things.

    1. Interesting....I'm trying to visualize that.

  2. These would make excellent tatting shuttle collection boxes. If I just had a place to put them...