Thursday, March 24, 2016

My New Jewelry

#1: Carnelian beads coordinated with an orange focal (Jasper?) drop. #2: Flourite & amethyst beads with a flourite focal bead. #3: Sugilite and metal beads. #4: Jade & garnet beads with a jasper focal bead. #5&6: handmade (by me) enameled pendant drop & earrings sets


My handmade enameled jewelry sets

I have been determined to stay away from engaging in 3 things:  bobbin lace, quilting, & beading.  I KNOW I would enjoy doing all three.  BUT I know that all three of these artforms require a considerable outlay of time and money for supplies/materials.  In otherwords, these artforms can ‘consume’ a person such as myself.  Thus, I have stayed focused first on tatting (and other things relating to tatting: designing, publishing, shuttle-making–sterling silver & enameling) and specialty needlework techniques including needlelaces.

However, once a year I go to the local rock club’s (which I just joined this year!) Rock, Gem & Mineral Show with a good friend.  Once there, I am tempted and do buy some strands of natural beads.  This same friend (Thanks Lisa L.S.!) also taught me how to turn my bead strands into jewelry using stringing/finishing techniques.

Just recently, I pulled out all the beads that I had strung and finished them into necklaces–the four from L to R.

The bottom photo is of my handmade enameled jewelry.  I have a cobalt blue blouse I wear the right set with.  I still need to find the perfect outfit for the purple jewelry set.

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  1. I know what you mean, I also resist taking on more crafts, tempting though they are. Love your new jewelry, all beautiful.