Sunday, February 21, 2016

What I did today INSTEAD of what I should have been doing today!!!

What I did today:  I went into my Etsy Store site and added in some information about me and my shop items.

The ShuttleSmith’s Logo Shuttle: “The Shuttle of Many (Primary) Colors”

First of all, I chose one of my glass/enamel tatting shuttles to be my shop’s ‘logo’ image.  I chose the one I named “The Shuttle of Many (Primary) Colors”.

Then I added a photo of myself.  Another Etsy store owner/tatter (thanks Marilee Rockley) had critiqued my store and had given me some pointers.  She had told me to add a photo of myself.  I have been avoiding this task for quite some time….I usually dislike photos of me.  I ended up choosing a photo of me torch-firing, working in my enameling studio. Inserting a photo of myself wasn’t as painful as it could have been after I  realized that the photo ends up quite small on the Etsy site.  Thus you can’t see as many of my wrinkles/imperfections/lack of makeup/etc. as could be possible.

Then I filled in some information in the ‘Shop Info‘ section of my Etsy Shop under the link titled ‘About‘.

If you go to my Etsy Store ‘Shop Info’/’About’  you will see what I typed in about myself and my journey to get to having an Etsy store.  Also in this page you will see at least one photo of my enameling/tatting studio.

What I should have been been doing today instead!!!!!!

I should have been prepping the walls in my kitchen to paint them. Note the tools on the floor.

I have a deadline of March 6th to get this project done because I am hosting book club.  I need a deadline to get things like this done!

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