Thursday, August 27, 2015

Quilt 2
Padded Split Ring Tatting Motifs—Top: Pinwheel; Bottom: Rail Fence

These are the motifs I designed and used for the recent IOLI Convention “Quilt-Inspired Fun with Split Ring Tatting” class I taught the end of July in Iowa City.

I used these two motifs as the ‘challenge-project’ because they incorporated using Padded Tatting Technique with Split Ring Tatting Technique.

In Padded-Split Ring Tatting there is a primary color/row in which you use two shuttles of thread of the same color and create the row with split rings. The secondary color is carried along (‘Padded’) inside the primary color stitches until it is needed and then is used to create a ‘Take-Off’ ring (as a regularly-tatted ring).

In the Pinwheel motif (top), each of the six rounds is done using 2 shuttle of the primary color (either red or blue) and one shuttle of the yellow that is carried along (‘padded’) inside the primary colored split rings.

In the Rail Fence motif (bottom), the piece is completed in two rounds: Round 1—Yellow & Gray; Round 2—Blue & Black. In Round 1, the Yellow is the primary color (2 shuttles=Split Rings) and the gray creates the ‘padded’ rings. In Round 2, the Black is the primary color (2 shuttle=Split Rings) and the blue creates the ‘Padded’ rings.

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