Monday, July 20, 2015

The cat’s in the bag–really!


If you look closely you can see a tail (white-tipped) and a paw
He really is in the bag!
I was working in my studio the other day and I was taking something out of a box. Pip (the cat) saw the box and was trying to get into it. I didn’t want this to happen so, I distracted him by putting a paper bag down and open onto the floor. Pip was immediately drawn to it, and crawled inside–a relatively tight fit, and started to purr loudly. I got a camera and took these photos. He was a happy cat.  Enjoy!

Don’t you just love the color of my carpeting?!?!? I pulled it out of a dumpster at work about 20 years ago! It works!!!

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  1. My kitties love a bag too. Or a box! I've had cats that REALLY loved those long soda boxes - I'd find paws batting at me from holes in the box!