Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tatting (Threads) for the Birds?


For all you ornithologists (aka ‘bird-watchers’) and others out there….Does anyone throw their thread ends/bit outside for the birds to use in their nesting activities????

Somewhere/sometime I got the idea that birds are attracted to colorful things and when looking for soft nesting materials would go fo threads to add to their nest.

Any ideas about this subject? Anyone else throw their thread bit/ends outside with the hope that birds will enjoy them too?

These are the bits of threads that I pulled out of my tatting pouch that have accumulated for the last several weeks. You can see my preferences for colors. Lately I have been working with 3 of my favoritest colors: teal/sapphire, orange, and yellow.


  1. I do put some out when I remember in the spring. They do get used as I see them in nests now and then. The colors help them to see the strings you put out. I usually hang them on tree branches here and there.

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  3. I read once that you need to cut the thread into short bits before setting out for the birds so you don't risk them getting the thread getting wrapped around them.

  4. So it is a true thing! My husband thinks I'm a bit crazy for doing this.

  5. I hope the birds enjoy the masses of hair I comb out of my Hovavart/Labby-Girl.
    But I remember reading once that someone stuffed an empty birds fat ball net with bits and pieces of thread and wool.