Thursday, January 22, 2015

'Tatting' seen in Denver--1

Last weekend I had a bit of an adventure ('adventure' defined as something other than being home, doing what I typically do at home). I helped my 24 y/o daughter drive her car and move from Omaha, NE (where we live) to Denver, CO (where she will be starting grad school in counseling at No. CO Univ.) We drove out on Saturday and had her new apartment waiting for our arrival that evening. It was an uneventful trip with the minor exception of a fairly crazy head/side wind on I-80 across the plains of Nebraska. I took Monday and Tuesday off of work to have a mini vacation in Denver. Most of the time was spent shopping for things she needed for her new apartment, including a bed, as well as moving in her possessions (all moved in the back of her car--so not too much stuff) & setting stuff up.

I wasn't planning on having any tatting-related sightings. But while shopping for a bed, I was pleasantly surprised to see this backpack at a restaurant that had lace on it. Upon further observation, it had tatted designs on it. And when I really started looking, the tatted designs were high-level SPLIT RING TATTING motifs!!!!!

The girl who was wearing the backpack thought I was a crazy woman to be so interested in her backpack. I told her I was a 'lacemaker' and that was why I was so interested....but I don't think that she had a clue as to what that meant. She did (somewhat grudgingly) allow me to photograph it (though she mentioned that I was to purchase her lunch for her--which I ignored.)
DSCN1571 DSCN1572
This is a very interesting backpack!!!! When I got home, I did a little bit of research on it. The company is Dakine and is made/sold from Oregon. This particular model is from 2013 but is no longer available/for sale. I WANT ONE!!! I think that the model is called Prom Crochet. If you click on the photos (especially the top one) you should get a enlarged, fairly crisp view of the intricasies of the design. The tatting is crazy cool! A lacemaker, especially a tatter had to have been the one to design the pattern. I have no idea how to research this any further.

I will be posting OTHER Lace, Tatting, & Fiber Art related sighting from this same trip in further posts---coming soon.


  1. WOW!!!! I want one of those bags too!!! VBG

  2. Very cool! Who would have thought??? I want one, too! I wonder if they were only sold in certain areas?

  3. This post amazed me! . The good news is your incredible chance 'sighting' of this amazing bag (and getting great photos), and the bad news is that the bags don't seem to be available anywhere EXCEPT possibly in Europe! Plus the irony of their having the name 'crochet' when the lace is all tatted!

    Here is a site in Europe that might have some in stock: I'm not brave enough to try to get through the maze of ordering something on the internet from overseas! And it may be an inflated price, but you may want it 'at any cost'!! If you can figure out how to order it, more power to you! I'm not that brave!

    The frustrating thing is that there probably are several of these bags sitting on store shelves here in the US in those ski or skateboard shops. However, the fact that it is sold out on Amazon should have been a hint to the company, that it was a popular item. Until now, I have never heard of the company - quite a success story, starting in Hawaii! So many styles and colors of their bags, which seem to be of excellent quality. The frustrating thing is they also made a small pouch in this same design, that some customers are using for pencils, computer cords, etc. A perfect tatting bag!

    Which brings up a touchy subject about their using designs which may have copyrights As you noted, it's all split ring designs, and dare I mention the famous split 'chain' pattern designed by Teri D, which ironically does mimic crochet. I kind of doubt that a 'tatter' supplied the images. They might have just been picked up off the internet by a computer designer and put into a random design. It's certainly an intriguing mystery, and the bags have been around for two years! I'm still amazed how you came across it! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!