Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lace Plates found in a Denver Thrift Store


Rosanna Venetian Lace Plates
Rosanna (TM) Venetian Lace Plates
While in a Denver thrift store (looking for items for my daughter’s new apartment) I found 4 of these ceramic plates. The photo above is from the internet and shows all 4 designs. I have only 3 different designs–I have 2 copies of one design.

From what I can tell, they are still available for purchase. However, the price I paid of $2.50 each makes my thrift store purchase a bargain.

In my research I found the following items in the same design series. Darn it! that Christmas is over—I could have put these on my ‘Want List’.
Rosanna mugs Rosanna teapot Rosanna teapot2 Rosanna Tray


  1. I've never seen dishes with lace like that - pretty cool.

    1. They are quite cool--especially for the price I paid for them!