Thursday, April 10, 2014

What happened to The ShuttleSmith's silver shuttle business?

I have considered making them again.   I originally took a year off from making them and when I wanted to go back to the business I learned that the company that etched my celtic designs into the silver had quit.  They said that this service was too popular and they couldn't keep up with the they stopped. (Doesn't make any sense to me!).  I did look into finding another custom etching service but discovered that it was going to be a costly venture to get set up.  Since these were my most popular shuttles, I lost interest in making sterling silver shuttles altogher.  About a year ago, I got interested in making some shuttles again.  I still have some silver stock left over.  However, I soon realized that the cost of silver had gone up 3-4 times what I was paying.  When I ran out of my stockpile of silver, I would have to pay alot more for my basic supplies.  I put ALOT of time and craftsmanship into making these things, and thus I realized that I wasn't willing to take a loss on them.  I still think that financially, people still don't have as much expendible cash to buy such novelties/luxuries at the inflated price that I would need to ask.   So I just haven't gotten back to making them.  My idea is that when I do go back to the silver shuttle making business, the shuttles will be 'one of a kind' art pieces.

I am however, making different forms of tatting shuttles true to my company name.  I will be introducing one form here on this blog shortly!!!   STAY TUNED.


  1. Good! I'm always interested to see new shuttles.

  2. I would love to see you make your shuttles again. I just missed out getting one before.