Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nightstand Lace--Nanduti


Robin asked 'what kind of lace was on my nightstand?'  so I will start here highlighting my 'pretties'.  It is Nandhuti (or Nanduti) Lace.  Made in Paraguay.  It is in the same lace family as Teneriffe or Sol Lace.  I consider it the PHD level of Teneriffe Lace.  Teneriffe lace is made with individual motifs (sols/circles/shapes) that are stitched together into one larger lace piece.  Nanduti is made as one piece, laying down the 'warp' threads onto a cloth base in which the design is drawn and linking the warp threads of the motif designs as they are stitched.  Nanduti can usually be distinquished by the 'palm shapes' on the border of the work (see the upper/first picture) and a filling (seen in the middle of both of my pieces) that is created similarly to drawn thread work in needlework techniques.

These two pieces are my favorite due to the color.   The warp threads are one color and then the weaving/stitching is done in contrasting colors.   In the top piece, the warp threads are yellow/orange, with many vibrants colors used to stitch the designs.  The bottom piece used white warp thread and then red and green to stitch the design.    The motifs in the top piece are varied designs and represent elements from the Paragauyans life (corn, lotus flower, ant hills, etc.)  I have several books on Nanduti Lace, many of which I can't read.  Not only are they in Spanish, but they use native language words of the indigenous peoples who still make this lace.


  1. Thanks for explaining, I've never heard of this before. I will be sure to look up more about it now that I know what it is called!

  2. Gorgeous pieces. I tried my hand at Teneriffe lace and found it too tedious. It's amazing what can be done with some thread and imagination. Can't wait to see the other doilies on your dresser.

  3. mb duke,
    have you tried making teneriffe motifs using plastic canvas forms? This way works up really fast. If you do alot of weaving as part of your design, it can be time-consuming. One of my projects I created a larger, more ornate center motif and 7 satellite motifs that I stitched together into one doily. I timed myself once and found that I could make the satellite motifs in 15 minutes, start to finish.