Friday, September 27, 2013

My Wedding Lace Gifts

 My very sweet, wonderful friend Jennifer Bartling from Fremont, NE made me a bridal nosegay for my August 2nd wedding.  When I told her the details of my wedding (there weren't many!) and that I wasn't going to have any flowers, she decided that that couldn't be!  So she asked what my colors were.  I told her that I had bought yellow and teal blue plastic table coverings and that I guess those would be my colors.  She made this darling nosegay.  Jennifer's neice helped with reception details and came early so Jennifer sent it with her.  The last few minutes before it was time to go to the church for the ceremony were a bit chaotic with getting kids ready (and they were mostly grown) and lost uncles rounded up...I almost forgot to get the nosegay.  I'm sure glad I remembered to ask for it at the last minute! 
I features tatted flowers in 3 colors:  blue, yellow, and coral (Jennifer knows I'm partial to yellow and orange).  It also had chiffon & pearl tufts and leaves.  It was finished with a lace base and covered in white tape.  Not pictured is the penny hanging in a darling crocheted pouch.
I tried my best to photograph it but my pictures don't really do it justice.  The first photo shows it in a glass vase. 

Another lace wedding gift came from my friend Cher Camacho who created a beautiful bobbin lace flower in my favorite color, yellow.   This was a real surprise/honor because Cher was in the process of pulling together a large wedding for her youngest daughter with only about 3-4 months to prepare!
I was unable to attend that wedding because I was on my honeymoon trip to Europe.

Again the photography does not do the piece its justice.

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