Friday, November 27, 2015

Tatting Shuttle Winders

My Tatting Shuttle Winder Collection

A little while ago, I came across a box of ‘stuff’ in my studio and found my Tatting Shuttle Winder collection. I use center-post tatting shuttles and these shuttle winders are made for them. I had gobs of Boye plastic ones & have recently discovered the joys of the Handy Hands Moonlit shuttles (they holds lots of thread). I occasionally use one of my shuttle winders when I’m at home and tatting in my favorite spot. Usually my tatting is done is small spurts of time while I’m at work (breaks) or waiting for something to happern—I don’t carry a shuttle winder with me.

In future posts I’ll give you close ups of these shuttle winders and what I know about them. The one on the left is handmade by a local tatter. I’m ashamed that I don’t know her name. But what I intend to do is find out more info to share with you all, possibly find out if she is still selling these beauties so that you all may purchase and enjoy one too.

If anyone has any information on the second one from the left (the dark brown wood one) please email me at  so that I can share with everyone in the future.

I’m actually kinda embarrassed that I have 2 of the same shuttle winders (the right 2). That’s from a bygone era in which I had the expendable cash to buy almost anything I wanted and didn’t even realize I was buying duplicates!


  1. Interesting. I've never seen shuttle winders before.

  2. What a unique collection! There are so many imaginative, creative people in the world. I've only seen the metal shuttle winder before.