Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Trip to Tat Days--Part 2

I think that I will start my official 'migration' of blogging only on my website/new blogsite:
I created a long blog post there that would take alot of time to recreate here....so please update your 'favorites' tab to my new address above. 
I have alot more photos on my website/blog of Tat Days activities.
This me, Karen Bovard, The ShuttleSmith, at my vending table---proof to the IRS that I was there!


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  1. I know you're switching your blog over, but it seems to be easier to comment here. So glad you're safely back home, and glad you stayed at the motel on that stormy night. It still boggles my mind that you traveled so far! When you said you came 'straight home' does that mean you traveled via a different route or traveled farther each day? Then you went back to work right away! Even when I was your age I could not have done that!

    Thanks for all the photos - I do recognize some familiar faces! Looking forward to hearing more! I'm wondering how many tatters are aware of your amazing ' tatted motorcycle' picture!