Thursday, May 8, 2014

Another Way to USE Lace

My friend Susan and I were hosting 'book club' a couple of days ago and in the preparation process, Susan showed me a box of crocheted doilies that she had found while cleaning out her parent-in-laws house.  As we were looking through them, I tried to instill a sense of appreciation in her for what she had.  So I grabbed one of the doilies and showed her how to wet it, and block it out on the countertop so that it would look better.  However, the time came when we had to go on with our hostess prep and the doilies had to go away.  So I was looking for a way for Susan to take the (still wet) doily with her and in the process grabbed one of the clear, plastic plates that we had out to use for our party.  It fit perfectly.  Then we got the idea to put another plate on top of the bottom one and the doily....and we realized that we had just created a LACE PLATE!!!!  So we decided to use it for our goodies. 

At the end of the evening, Susan insisted that I keep this doily.  She promised me that she would love and appreciate the rest of the doilies in the box!!!

Susan using the LACE PLATE


  1. What a great idea! It is such a pretty doily, too. How fortuitous that you were doing that before the book club :-) so it could be used right away. I have some clear glass plates that I'll have to put to use.

  2. Brilliant Idea !!! Looks so pretty too. And to think that nothing it "permanent" -- one can use one's stash of diverse doilies depending on the mood & occasion. One does not have to go out buying 'new' plates/crockery - simply place a different doily for a "new" look !
    Creativity out of coincidence + grabbed opportunity :-)

  3. Brilliant idea and the doily won't get dirty when in use.

  4. Great idea for a party! For a decorative item on my coffee table, I have a display under a big candle in a hurricane lamp. I start with a gold 'charger' plate (bigger than normal plates), then I cut a black velvet circle to fit the center of the charger, then put a lovely tatted piece (it has a linen center, with a lovely delicate edging, which I found at an antique store) over the black velvet to show it off, then a clear glass plate to protect it, then the candle and hurricane lamp. The neat thing today is that they do have the clear plastic plates for parties so you don't have to worry about breaking them!

    I also used two heavier clear glass candle bases of different sizes that happened to fit together perfectly to again create a 'layered' display of a motif I made. ( I have it pictured on my latest blog post.) However, I have to be careful moving it because the two candle holders are not secured to each other. I like that I can change the motif whenever I wish.

    1. Kathy: What's your blog address so that I can check it out???

    2. I was delayed responding. because we had a lot of errands to run yesterday! I'm delighted you wish to view my blog, and I am puzzled that you can't link to my blog by simply clicking on my name above the comment. (I checked it out, and it works for me).. That should take you to my profile page and blog name link, which is Kathy's Victorian Tatted Lace. Or you can also just Google "Kathy Niklewicz'. Unfortunately, I haven't done as much posting on my blog as I wish. I'm hoping to remedy that soon, now that I have been solving some of my computer issues!

      I have not yet photographed the candle/antique doily/charger for my blog, although it's on the same coffee table as my 'Anniversary display' (my recent post). Your post reminded me that I should share that idea, too. I've shown the doily in different locations before, but it's been 'under glass' for a good while now!

      I want to mention here that I have always admired your gorgeous shuttles, and especially the Celtic one! Although I use bobbin shuttles exclusively, I do admire the workmanship of the antique metal shuttles, and you very much captured the beauty of them with your exquisite work. A lot of skill involved there! I'm glad you're still tatting and I see you're very involved with IOLI. Plus you have a full-time job! I also enjoyed your post about your train trip! Would love to do that! It's a long way from Pittsburgh, though!

    3. Kathy, sorry....I didn't know that you could just click the name and it would take you somewhere! I'm not the most social media-savvy person. I spend waaaayyyy too much time with my laptop creating my Split Ring Tatting designs and patterns. I'm going to your page now as soon as I push PUBLISH!

    4. Hi again, Karen! Thanks for your recent visit to my blog! I just published my post about my 'doily under glass' and have linked to your blog!

      Don't feel bad about the Blogger thing, I have had my blog for almost 6 years and still don't understand a lot of things about it! I haven't even written a profile description or made a blog roll! I really appreciate that they made it possible for the 'average person' to have a website (blog), and we don't have to know any special code or even HTML (although many do). I am very nervous about making any changes to my blog template (and haven't so far); however, I'm hoping to add tabs at the top soon, and start sharing some patterns I've designed, but I also need to master drawing software. I've been practicing lately! Many bloggers have master drawings, and I'm very envious of them - and you(!) since you're also actually tatting and writing patterns! I spend more time browsing than I do tatting!