Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm getting married!

Please forgive the absence of my posts.  

I've been preparing for an upcoming event....my wedding--this Friday night, August 2nd.

Actually the wedding is not the issue, it's the party afterwards.  I've been cleaning my house, garage and my lawn in preparation.  These are all things that needed done anyway, but the wedding party was a good kick-in-the-rear to get it done.

We are having a simple wedding (just walk into the church and get married without flowers, music, processional, fancy bridesmaid dresses, men in tuxes, etc.). Then we are going back to my house for an outdoor PARTY. We have hired a blues band, are catering in BBQ and desserts and have alot of adult beverages ready for a 'Blues, Booze, & BBQ' theme. We are expecting about 200 people to show up in the course of the evening.  I'm really not stressing out too much over this happening.  However, I just checked the weather forecast last night and saw that there is a 40% chance of rain that day.  YIKES!  So maybe I will be stressing out over that possibility. 

Keep in mind that this isn't my first wedding---I'm a middle-aged woman with two grown kids (19, 23) who is divorced due to her ex-husband's mid-life crisis (I couldn't stand his latest hobby: a girlfriend).  Now I am blessed with the opportunity to officially start a new life/future with a wonderful man. 

I seriously look forward to next week when we start our new lives together.   

We are going to Europe for a honeymoon the first two weeks in September. I have my tatting project to take along planned out....a large Greek Key design....to do on the plane.  I plan to be doing alot of walking/sighseeing/eating other times.

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