Friday, June 18, 2021


 As of June 1st I am officially retired from my career as an Electron Microscopy Technologist (with side jobs as an Neuropathology Technologist). I started my career at Creighton University (Omaha, NE) and was there for 27 years until it was obvious that my job wouldn’t be viable for much longer. So I ‘jumped ship’ to Nebraska Medicine/Univ. of Nebraska Medical Center where I worked for almost 12 years. My wonderful husband suggested that I retire early. I was planning on retiring at the end of the year, but Jerry encouraged me to bump up the date. So for 2+ months I was feverishly training my successor. It appears that she is the perfect candidate for the job and is excited about making it a career for herself.

To celebrate my retirement, Jerry and I immediately left for a 2500+ mile trip on our new (to us in 2020) motorcycles. We traveled down the Mississippi River Valley from Iowa to Louisiana where we explored the bayou/cajun region. Jerry ‘worked-from-home’ there for one week. We enjoyed the swamps, marsh, bayous, and the food (Cajun and seafood). I choose Louisiana to travel to because it WAS the only state that I had not motorcycled in. Now I can say that I have ridden a motorcycle in all fifty states!

Me and a few of my co-workers–impromptu going-away/happy retirement party.
Andrea, my replacement is in the checkered shirt.
Some of my besties: Thanh (who I worked with in the Neuropathology Lab), Me, Lisa and Mike (long-time co-workers from our Creighton Univ. days)
Me working at my ultramicrotome–an instrument I spent a large amount of time at.
My tools for ultramicrotomy work: I make ultrathin slices (sections) of the black material (human kidney tissue) in the yellow cylinder (the block) and put the slices on the copper grids. One of my tools is an eyelash attached to a handle as well as the razor blade.
Me and my Transmission Electron Microscope.
This is the final product of my work…an image of a slice (section) of human tissue (in this case kidney). The images go to a pathologist (MD) who makes a diagnosis of disease type
My office was adorned in lace.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Tatting in a Sweater


This is my darling sister-in-law, Carol, who is sporting a sweater with tatting elements in it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Thread Pheromones--A Warning!

 A recent study has indicated that threads give off certain pheromones that hypnotize women (and some men) and cause them to purchase ungodly amounts of thread. When stored in large quantities in enclosed spaces (ie. stores), the pheromones in the thread causes memory loss and induce 'gathering syndrome' (similar to the one's in squirrels before the onset of winter).

Sound tests have also revealed that these threads emit a very high-pitched sound heard by only a select few (known as 'tatters'). When played backward these sounds are heard as chants: '...BUY ME! TAT ME!....'

Furthermore, the pheromones seem to cause a pathological need to secret the thread purchases away when one takes them home and blend them into the existing stash.

In order to overcome the so-called feeding frenzy effect that these threads cause, one must wear a face mask and ear plugs when entering the primary acquisition facilities (stores or internet websites) to avoid being pulled into their grip. It is also beneficial to enter these facilities without the presence of cash or credit cards.

Sad to say, the addictive qualities of this compulsive behavior are cumulative and are ameliorated only by the purchase of more and more and more threads.

No cure is known at this time....

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Antique Tatted Purse

A while back an old friend ('old' as in I've known him a long time) gifted me this antique tatted purse/bag. 

 He found it while cleaning out his late mother's home. She had put a note in it saying that she had bought it at an garage sale in the last decade...thus no clue as to its age or provenance. 

I knew Marge and have a lot of history with several of her kids.  Thus it is an honor to have received this piece.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

My week of Tatting---The ShuttleSmith edition, 2021

I learned to tat on Monday,  
My stitches were very fine.
I forgot to thaw out dinner, 
So we went out to dine.
I tatted snowflakes Tuesday,
They really were a must.
The symmetry was quite lovely,
But I forgot to dust.
On Wednesday I tatted crosses,
I so enjoyed the fun.
I learned to pray while tatting,
But the laundry didn’t get done.
I learned to tat split Rings on Thursday,
It’s fun to use two threads.  
I guess I really was engrossed,  
I never made the bed.
I started a doily on Friday, 
Oh how the colors I adore. 
But somehow in the enjoyment, 
I didn’t notice the dirty floor.
I added beads to my tatting on Saturday, 
They really enhance my double stitches. 
I was so engaged with those shiny things, 
That I ignored the dirty dishes
I found a maid on Sunday,  
My week is now complete.  
Now I can tat the hours away,  
And my house will still be neat.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Tatting Fern


I saw this in a gardening catalog quite a few years ago. In the last year my friend Anita Barry either bought one or found reference to this plant. I am archiving it here on my webpage for my own future reference. Maybe one day I will actively try to find/plant one.