Friday, April 1, 2022

I LOVE Karey Solomon's Hand-Painted Thread!

 I have had the pleasure of tatting with Karey Solomon's hand-painted threads recently.  When you see all her threads in one spot, the job of picking out only a few is difficult because each one is soooo beautiful and unique.  The colors change very fast (very different from LizBeth variegateds) and thus one regular-sized ring can have up to 5 colors in it.

The first photo is what I call 'Seaweed' color as Karey custom dyed it for a project in which I am creating tatted seaweed for my new book titled "Sea Things in Split Ring Tatting".  The only thing that makes tatting 'seaweed' fun is watching the colors develop from the thread.

The bottom 3 photos show thread that is earmarked to be tatted 'coral'.  

I'm sure that if you do get your hands on some of these handpainted threads you will love them too.

These thread can be purchased from Karey Solomon/Graceful Arts Fiber Studio


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  1. You know .... this is one fiber I've never tried! thx for sharing